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Are you looking for a top-notch appliance service in San Francisco? We, at AAA Appliance Repair, are here and always ready to address your concerns. 

Did you open the fridge only to find out that the ice is melting and the food spoiled? You must have failed to identify the signs of a refrigerator in slow decline.All appliances will reach a point where they will cease to function properly because of normal wear and tear or damage for that particular part. In such cases, you will need appliance repair in San Francisco.

Watch Out for Faulty and Damaged Appliances

Broken appliances will not work properly or consume more energy to function, adding to your utility bills. They might also start a fire due to electrical sparks when you plug them and try to turn them on. Replacing them might cost you more; you must weigh your options, whether to repair or replace. Trying to fix broken appliances on your own may lead to more problems, especially if you lack the experience and know-how to properly repair them.

Proper Appliance Care and Repair

Appliances need the touch of an expert hand to work properly again. We at AAA Appliance Repair have the experience and the expertise to make sure your dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, freezers and others are in top condition. The core of our San Francisco appliance repair services is the care for our clients. We make sure quality trumps a quick fix that will require a repeat service. Our technicians have varied skills and experience in repairing different kinds of appliances. We fix refrigerators, dryers, microwaves and others until work not only as intended, but like new. Our staff will inspect, re-check and make sure no problem is overlooked. Nothing is too small for a repair. Our first-time customers have become loyal as a testament to the quality of our service and our commitment to excellence. We have been servicing the Bay Area for years and have built a reputation because of our customer care and service. Get good value for money when you choose us to fix your damaged or broken appliances.

Our company is one of the leaders in providing calibre appliance repair services in the Bay Area. Our expertise is not limited to a single brand of home appliance. If your refrigerators need repair or your microwave is not operating fully or you are having troubles in using any of your home appliances, we can help you out. We have a great number of licensed professionals who will assist you and will ensure you that they’d get the job done. We are versatile. Aside from popular brands like Whirlpool, Bosch, Thermador, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Magic Chef and GE, we also specialize in repairing less branded home appliances. We do not prioritize branded home devices over the less branded. We treat them as equals. We assure you that immediate attention and utmost care will be provided to your appliances.

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Professional and Reliable Repair Services

At AAA Appliance Center, our clients will be provided with the best professional and reliable services through are licensed and highly skilled technical staffs. We understand your frustration and the inconvenience it brings when one of the most important appliance in your home isn't fully functioning. It is, therefore, very significant to ask for assistance from the best appliance work and repair service center. Well, that’s us so we’d be expecting your call anytime soon.


Customer Satisfaction Experience

We've been in this business for years and the communities in the Bay Area are our number one patrons. We have built a strong reputation with our excellent customer service. We consider them as families. We are honest in our work and in what we do. Unlike other companies that bill clients for unnecessary services, we only ask for what is due. Over the years, we have forged strong bonds and firm relationships with our clients. Since then, it has been our priority to render the best customer satisfaction experience.


We are open six days a week. During holidays, appointments can be made for emergency repair services without the overwhelming fees. Also, we won’t be requesting for additional charges. For jobs in bulk, customers can set their preferred schedule. It is guaranteed that you’d be assisted on the agreed appointment date. We also have on-call technicians. They will drop by at your house and assess if your appliance needs a good fixing. If possible, they can repair your home devices on the spot. Rest assured that you’d be satisfied with our work.

Skilled and Professional Technicians  

At AAA Appliance Repair, we always make sure that all our technicians are equipped with the right skills and knowledge in repairing any type and brand of appliances you have at home.  We ensure that your home devices will be restored back to its former glory. We do this because we love our work, we love what we do. We guarantee you that our highly skilled and professional technical staffs will work up to your satisfaction. We already gave you a glimpse of who we are and what we do. There will be no regrets in choosing us. We give you our word that all the time and money spent and the efforts made in reaching us will be all worth it. 


AAA Appliance Repair

When making a call to our technical staffs here at AAA Appliance Repair, you should have with you all pertinent information regarding your appliance – what is the home device of concern, its brand, the model, its estimated age and the main problem. Once we have all the needed information, our professional and friendly technicians will immediately determine the nature of your problem and will size up the cost of the repair service.

We usually provide a price range list to our clients for the fact that we cannot be very certain with the parts that will need to be replaced until such time that we have the appliance on hand. From there on, we can check it and evaluate its condition. But, you need not to worry that the cost estimate might exceed and it’s not under your budget. We only ask for what is due. There has been no reported incident that the cost of repair exceeded the estimate. At AAA Appliance Repair, we maintain a low price guaranteed quality work. We are standing behind such workmanship on every project we are handling. We offer diagnostics and repair to any type of appliance and brand for a flat fee of $65.

Then, we will schedule the time and date that our technicians will pay visit to your home. Our company takes pride in providing our clients timely and very prompt service calls. We understand that most of our patrons value the importance of time hence, we accommodate early appointments so that we can cater the needs of individuals with busy schedules. Getting your appliances fixed at home is simple and easy only if you ask for assistance to our expert technical staffs at AAA Appliance Repair. In this sense, you already figured out why our company is among the best repair service companies in San Francisco.


For people who fret and worry on their malfunctioning appliances at home, we are here to help you out. Since we are offering high quality services, we assure you that immediate response will be given to your damaged or not fully functioning home devices. We will not leave your area until you are not satisfied with our work. We always employ our “customer satisfaction guaranteed” policy. We provide excellent services at reasonable price. We ensure that the costs in repairing and fixing your appliances are within your budget limit. So, there’s nothing to be worried about. This is one of the reasons why most people in the Bay Area opt to choose our work.

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